If you are looking to increase the life of your building’s metal roof, look no further than spray-on roof coating. Metal roofs can be prone to rust and eventual cracking that can lead to leaks that threaten the internal structure of your building. Metal roof coating contractors can repair holes and leaks in your roof, or prevent further oxidation to the surface of the metal sheeting.

The application process for the spray-on polyester membrane is straightforward and spray-coat-metal-roofcan add years to the life expectancy of your roof. With spray-on roof coatings for metal roofs, you can help protect building against wear and tear from the elements, and revitalize an old, faded roof so it stands strong for years to come.

Spray on Roof Coating Application Process

Before applying the liquid polyester membrane to the surface, our metal roof coating contractors first clear the area of debris and identify any vulnerable portions of the roof. The main areas of weakness we’ll check include attachment points between the roof and building’s internal structure, any portions with rust formation and places where the structural integrity of the roof has been altered, such as around air vents and chimneys.

The application of spray on roof coating for metal roofs allows for greater elasticity of the surface of the roof, so it can move and buckle as needed during a storm without incurring damage. It also acts as a slip surface for rainwater, preventing further oxidation and erosion. The application process is done in stages, first applying sealant to the most vulnerable areas, and then the entire roof can be sealed to prevent further decay.

The application process is simple, but is best carried out by a team of metal roof coating contractors to prevent injury or damage to the surface of the roof. Spray-on roof coatings for metal roofs can help preserve the structure of a weakened roof, or protect a new roof from the elements to ensure that your business is well-protected for years to come.

Spray-on roof coatings for metal roofs

If you are looking to have a spray on roof coating applied to your metal roof, contact Leak Seal Roofing. Our team of roofing experts would be happy to schedule a preliminary meeting or to answer any questions that you may have about the procedure. We pride ourselves on offering quality roofing protection and making sure that you get the best services to help keep your building’s roof leak-free.