Here at Leak Seal Roofing Inc., the Fiberglass & Emulsion System is a system we often install and recommend as part of our commercial roofing services. Easy to install and providing a number of benefits to our clients, the Fiberglass & Emulsion System is a good choice for both professional roofers and companies seeking out commercial roofing services for their buildings. But what exactly are the benefits of choosing the Fiberglass & Emulsion System, and how will you know if it will be a good fit for your commercial roofing needs? Here, we include eight reasons why the Fiberglass & Emulsion System is a superior choice for your new roof, and how it will save you money and give you peace of mind.

1. The Fiberglass & Emulsion System is versatile. The system can be applied to nearly any sloped roof, vertical to flat, and on most surfaces including materials like gravel and metal.

2. The Fiberglass & Emulsion System does not need to be heated for application. Using a cold process system, the Fiberglass & Emulsion System is spray-applicated. By not requiring heat, the asphalt in the Fiberglass & Emulsion compound retains its elasticity and flexibility.

3. The Fiberglass & Emulsion System is strong. Despite its light weight, The Fiberglass & Emulsion System has incredible strength. Reinforcing the compound with inorganic fiberglass strands gives the Fiberglass & Emulsion membrane greater strength, durability, and flexibility. The glass fibers have more tensile strength than steel, yet when combined with the flexibility of polyester fabric, maintains its elastic and pliable quality. This greatly reduces the chance of the roof membrane splitting. The glass fibers are distributed throughout the Fiberglass & Emulsion System in a 360 degree jackstraw patter, therefore, causing stress from thermal and building movement to be distributed more evenly throughout the membrane. This makes the Fiberglass & Emulsion System resilient enough to handle building movement and thermal shock after years of service.

4. The Fiberglass & Emulsion System has great return on investment value. When comparing the costs of installing the Fiberglass & Emulsion System to the life expectancy of the roof and the energy savings gained, it is easy to see that the Fiberglass & Emulsion System is one of the best choices for commercial roofing available. In addition to its low installation costs, some companies go so far as to claim that the Fiberglass & Emulsion System practically pays for itself within a year of installation.

5. The Fiberglass & Emulsion System is seamless. The finished product is a smooth, seamless membrane that is easy to clean.

6. The Fiberglass & Emulsion System is highly resilient to weathering. After the system has cured, the Fiberglass & Emulsion System contains pure asphalt encased in special clay, creating an inorganic weathering surface that far outlasts hot asphalt or solvent-base asphalts. This permeable membrane allows moisture to escape through the weathering side of the membrane without allowing water, preventing blisters from developing. Furthermore, the system is not affected by high temperatures that can potentially cause other types of roofs to move.

7. The Fiberglass & Emulsion System is a Class A Fire Retardant. Tested by Underwriters Laboratories, the Fiberglass & Emulsion System is made to resist fire and extreme heat.

8. The Solar Shield Reflective Coating adds even more benefit to the Fiberglass & Emulsion System. If you decide to have the Fiberglass & Emulsion System installed, you can have the Solar Shield Reflective Coating added as an addition value. The coating is always recommended as it saves clients energy and money. Water-based and long-lasting, the reflective coating will lower air-conditioning costs, add life to your roof, and enhance the overall look of your building.

So if you are seeking a commercial roofing company to replace your roof, consider having the Fiberglass & Emulsion System installed in its place. The Fiberglass & Emulsion System will give you the durability and functionality you need at a value you can’t deny. Leak Seal Roofing Inc. can handle your commercial roofing needs in Vancouver, WA and provide professional installation of a new Fiberglass & Emulsion System roof.