fiberglass roof coating aerial view of flat roofCoating your commercial roof with Leak Seal Roofing’s fiberglass & emulsion system improves your roof’s longevity, repairs potential cracks that can lead to leaks, and is much less expensive than a complete roof tear off. While the benefits are numerous, and it can be applied to almost any roof type, you may be wondering exactly what the process looks like. Luckily, we’re here to tell you how our fiberglass roof coating process works, so you’ll know what to expect when it’s time for us to coat your roof.

What Materials Go Into Our Roof Coating

Our fiberglass roof coating is comprised of four safe, non-toxic materials that when combined, create a membrane that is an ideal coating for any roof. These materials are:

  1. An environmentally friendly asphalt emulsion, which is comprised of a liquid asphalt that’s just been emulsified in water.
  2. Fiberglass gun roving. This is just the technical way of saying chopped up fiberglass mixed with emulsion.
  3. Polyester sheeting, which we cut and adhere to conform completely to the shape of your roof.
  4. A solar shield reflective coating. The final layer that will protect the layers underneath and give your roof a new lease on life.

Prepping Your Commercial Roof

Before we lay anything down, we do an extensive preparation of your existing commercial roof. We clean roof of all debris. Inspect for visible defects and repair as needed. All penetrations are sealed and walls, skylights and curbs are re-flashed. Additionally, new materials are installed around all drains, scuppers and along drip edges of the roof.  

Fiberglass Roof Coating Time

Next is the fun part. Our technicians spray down your roof with the asphalt emulsion, lay down the polyester fabric and ensure that the asphalt emulsion thoroughly coats the fabric. Once the first layer is complete, more asphalt emulsion is sprayed down, this time mixed with the fiberglass. Typically, this looks like 12 gallons of asphalt and 3 pounds of chopped fiberglass per roofing square (100 sq. feet). While this may sound like a lot, this roof coating is surprising light and durable, so your roof won’t be weighed down by the coating. Once our initial membrane comprised of the fiberglass, asphalt emulsion, and polyester has been laid down, we cover that membrane with the solar shield layer. Once finished, you have a beautiful, eco-friendly seamless roof coating that will last for years to come.

Fiberglass Emulsion Experts

If you’re looking for a durable, green alternative to a roof tear off for your Portland area business, call Leak Seal Roofing today. We have the experience and expertise to answer any question you may have and we can even provide you with a free estimate.