flat roof materials for commercial roofWhen looking to install a flat roof on your building, finding the right flat roof materials is key to getting the best out of your building project. When it comes to investing in a new roof for your building, or if you’re looking to cap off a new build, investing in fiberglass roofing can help make your building more cost effective in the long run.

A Fiberglass and emulsion roofing systems is flexible, durable, and helps reduce fire risk. They last longer than other kinds of roofing, and are less susceptible to weathering by the elements. This helps make fiberglass & emulsion roofing one of the best flat roof materials available on the market today.

Benefits of using flat roof materials


Fiberglass roofing provides a flexible option for your flat roofing project. Fiberglass and emulsion roofing systems are applied through cold process, which means there is no heating required in order to fit the roofing materials. The clay stabilized asphalt emulsion martial stays flexible and retains all of it original elasticity by being manufactured cool. This meaning that the roofing stays flexible and does not become brittle.

The key to the life of our asphalt emulsion roofing materials is the clay. Bentonite clay raps around the sheared asphalt protecting it from the sun and making it one of the best weather resistant roofing surfaces available.  

Fiberglass roofing also allows for a more flexible design for your flat roofed building, as it can be formed in such a way as to provide optimal water runoff, which can impact the overall lifetime of your structure.


Fiberglass roofing is much more durable than its counterparts, as it retains its elasticity after it has been installed. As opposed to other roofing procedures, fiberglass and emulsion roofing systems require special tools and equipment to do it properly. (contact Leak Seal Roofing, Inc.) It also weighs less than its flat roofing option counterparts, so it causes less strain on the overall structure of your building.

Fiberglass materials are specially designed to shed weathering elements and resist geological factors, such as slight tremors and more heavy storms. Since the surface of the roofing naturally sheds excess water and has a level of give to it, it is more likely to last than other flat roofing options.

Fiberglass roofing installation Vancouver, WA

 If you’re looking to install a fiberglass based roofing system on your new building, or would like to talk with one of our specialists about the best roofing options for your flat roofed business, contact the experts at Leak Seal Roofing today. We will ensure you get the best roofing option for your project and your budget.