When faced with a roofing repair issue, it seems the common solution that most roofing contractors have for all roofing problems is to remove the old roof and install a completely brand new roof. However, with the growing expense of disposal fees and new energy codes, the costs of installing a new roof have skyrocketed. This has made making a complete roof replacement for a minor roofing repair issue an increasingly poor investment.

However, the Fiberglass & Emulsion system provides an alternative, cost-effective option from completely replacing a roof. With its ease of application and protection against weathering, the Fiberglass & Emulsion system allows LeakSeal to stand by its commitment to maintain all roofs in the most efficient weather-tight condition, at minimum expense and high quality. By applying the Fiberglass & Emulsion system over a current roof, Leak Seal can provide roofing repairs while significantly prolonging the life of your roof.

At LeakSeal, our solution is to maintain existing roofs by utilizing various specifications. Because the Fiberglass & Emulsion system is so versatile, it is applicable on almost any conceivable surface material type: gravel, metal, mineral cap sheets, smooth-surfaced roofs, and everything in-between. The Fiberglass & Emulsion system is also manufactured in place via spray-application, and can be installed over almost any sloped roof, whether it be anything from vertical to flat.

Not only can the Fiberglass & Emulsion system be applied over almost any type of roof, it does so without compromising the integrity of your current roof. One of the four major components that make up the Fiberglass & Emulsion system is polyester sheeting, which is a strong, pliable roofing fabric that adheres 100% and conforms to the shape of your existing roof. Because the system is spray-applicated and requires no heat to apply, it poses no potential of damaging or blistering your roof underneath. Sitting at only 40 pounds per square foot, the Fiberglass & Emulsion system is also far lighter than other materials, making the added weight of the system not appreciable to your current roof. In contrast, cap sheet weighs 100 pounds per square foot and gravel weighs a whopping 450 pounds per square foot.

One of the best advantages of the Fiberglass & Emulsion system is that it is a seamless, waterproof membrane within itself. The seamless membrane is vapor permeable, therefore, allowing any trapped moisture in the existing roof to escape to the weathering side of the membrane without blistering. However, any moisture from outside will not seep through the membrane.

If you do decide to let LeakSeal apply the Fiberglass & Emulsion system to your roof, you also have the option to add the Solar Shield Reflective Coating which gives you the additional benefits of saving you money through energy savings, prolonging the life of your roof, and enhancing your building’s appearance. The Silver-White reflective coating ends up looking great on any number of building styles and aesthetics.

LeakSeal acknowledges that not every roof is salvageable. In some cases, tearing off the old roof and installing various other systems may be the only option available in handling your roofing repair. However, the majority of roofs out there are viable candidates for our system and can potentially be salvaged through the Fiberglass & Emulsion system. By working arduously with other manufacturers to develop an intense training program for all of our applicators, our professionals can not only provide you with expert consultation, but apply the system meeting quality standards.

So if you’re needing roofing repair in Vancouver, WA, contact LeakSeal Roofing. Having installed millions of square feet of the Fiberglass & Emulsion system on many major projects throughout the western states, LeakSeal Roofing is the expert in roofing repair and the Fiberglass & Emulsion system. From corporate offices to manufacturing facilities, LeakSeal has developed the methods and technology to ensure “A Quality Roof Every Time!”