As people become more consciously aware of the environment, we are continuously finding new ways to make the world a greener place. Green roofing is a great alternative to ordinary roofing on commercial buildings. Having a green roof supports the surrounding environment by using non-toxic and environmentally safe products.

Eco friendly roofing alternatives:

1. Recycled Shingles
Recycled shingles are a great alternative to standard roofing, as they provide a greener roofing solution to your home. Using shingles that are made out of recycled materials help keep waste out of out landfills. Green roofing can be achieved by using recycled shingles because they provide a lower cost and minimize your ecological footprint. Recycled shingles decrease the demand for producing excessive raw materials.

2. Non-Toxic Products
When installing a roof there are several materials and chemicals that are involved in the process. The use of harsh chemicals it can significantly impact the surrounding environment. The toxins in the chemicals go directly into the atmosphere and compromise our air quality. Green roofing solutions provide non-toxic products that reduce the amount of chemicals being shared into the environment.

3. Metal Roofing
Metal roofing on an industrial or commercial building is another green roofing alternative solution. Most metal usually consists of recycled materials and can be recycled after it no longer provides a use. Recycling old metal results in less waste in the long run for you and your green roofing companies. Metal roofing can also be beneficial to the environment because it does not release chemicals into the atmosphere like an asphalt roof would.

4. Energy Efficiency
Green roofing provides energy efficient solutions for a commercial or residential building. It can reduce the amount of energy needed to moderate the temperatures inside of the building. This particular roof helps lock in the heat whereas ordinary other roofing can often be the main cause of heat loss in a building. Temperature control allows less fidgeting with the thermostat, resulting in lower energy bills. Considering that a roof is a major factor when it comes to the heat escaping, it is important to install a quality roof that will lower your heating and cooling bills by a lot.

5. Glas-Shield System

The Glas Shield System is a cold-applied spray system that goes over any roofing material and is considered a maintenance system.

Four Components of the Glas-Shield System Process:
1. Asphalt Emulsion
2. Fiberglass gun roving
3. Polyester Sheeting
4. Solar shield Reflective Coating

No tear off, no landfill, and 100% tax deductable.

The benefits of green roofing outweigh the costs of standard roofing processes. If all building and high risers had green roofing companies installing the roofs, the environmentally cautious processes would make huge improvements on the environment. Green roofing creates eco friendly spaces that benefit the local communities along with the environment. It is never too late to consider the environment when you are planning your roofing project. Call your local green roofing companies in Vancouver Wa to discuss installing your roofing in the most environmentally friendly way.