Regular planned preventive roof maintenance is crucial to sustaining the life of your roof and preventing the need for emergency, crisis repairs. Maintenance tasks, such as surveying for damages and maintaining weather and moisture proofing, help to protect the roof, and the client from unplanned, additional expenses. To assist industries in maintaining their roofs in the most efficient, weather-tight condition and at a minimum of expense, LeakSeal has developed a Planned Preventive Roof Maintenance Program to address the growing complexity of roof maintenance.

When a roof fails, the damage it causes can be sudden and catastrophic to both the interior and exterior of a building. Suddenly, you might find all of your belongings no longer protected from the punishing elements of the weather. In the case of a roof leak, resulting structural damage can occur to walls and floors as well as damage to insulation and electrical system. Roof leaks can also cause the growth of hazardous mold. Dealing with these types of damages are not only frustrating, but also expensive. The cost in repairs, time, work productivity, and materials can rise to an astronomical figure sooner than you would expect. However, having professional roofing contractors establish a regular maintenance plan on your roof can help save you from these frustrations and dramatically reduce potential damage to your roof over time. Preventative roof maintenance not only extends the life of your roof and reduces chance of leakage, but also minimizes:

-Costly emergency or crisis repairs
-Product damage
-Building structural damage
-Interior damage, including walls, floors, and ceilings
-Occupancy downtime and decreased work productivity
-Warranty of manufacturer labor or materials being voided due to lack of regular inspections

What exactly does a preventive maintenance plan entail? A preventive roof maintenance plan is simply a program of scheduled inspections and performance of corrective actions. While preforming maintenance, professional roofing contractors can detect minor problems before damage spreads, stopping the problem before it becomes more extensive and expensive. At LeakSeal, some of the objectives of our Planned Preventive Roof Maintenance Program are:

1. Establish an inspection schedule.
2. Survey and classify all roofs, keeping controls as to age, type, and condition to permit direction of preventive measures.
3. Establish a standard specification for each type of roof.
4. Prepare a realistic budget for maintaining roofs in first class condition. Schedule roof maintenance to the best advantage for you.
5. Substantially lower your overall roof costs.

Due to the complexity of potential problems that can arise from different types of roofs, it is essential that professional roofing contractors establish the maintenance program for your roof. The age and condition of the roof, environmental influences, rooftop traffic, occupancy sensitivity, size, and accessibility of roof areas all require different preventative measures and complicate the process of general roof maintenance. Furthermore, the frequency of performing certain tasks depends on these varying factors. Different types of surveys also warrant different necessary timeframes. For example, comprehensive visual roof surveys usually are preformed semi-annually, whereas roof moisture surveys are recommended on three-year cycles unless specific conditions arise. Professional roofing contractors will be able to distinguish the different maintenance needed for your specific roof and the timeframe for specific surveys to be conducted.

When professional roofing contractors come to perform maintenance, one of the main tasks they perform are visual roof surveys. A roof is exposed to all types of stressors and natural aging, and roofing contractors will observe for areas requiring repairs, ways to address and develop long-term preventive maintenance needs, and conditions that may affect long-term performance. Once the roof survey is preformed, minor repairs and corrections are made as necessary.

Some common corrective tasks roofing contractors preform during roof maintenance are:
-Removing debris from drains, gutters, and downspouts
-Removing moss and vegetation
-Trimming back trees from the roof surface
-Resurfacing damaged areas
-Periodic re-flashing of the roof to maintain its weatherproof properties

At Leak Seal Roofing Inc., we want the opportunity to earn your business through professional roofing inspections and recommendations that apply to your roofing needs. Our free onsite inspections by our residential roofing contractors can help educate you on your roof and its needs. If your roof requires a repair or replace, we will give you all the options and guarantee our factory certified installations with a ten-year workmanship warranty. We know our Planned Preventive Roof Maintenance Program will not only help you better understand your roof problems, but also will help you get the full value of your roof. To establish a preventive maintenance plan for your roof today, call our roofing contractors in Vancouver, WA to receive our fast and professional service.