With temperatures hitting the 80s these past few days, it is clear that we’ve officially hit summer. With having bared the brunt of spring rains and facing potential high heat exposure in the future, is your roof ready for the next couple of months? Despite the assumption that many folks have, the hot summer sun and muggy afternoon rains can cause further damage to roofs of all kinds. To ensure your roof is prepared for the upcoming summer, make sure to complete these maintenance tasks before the heat really sets in.

Clear roof of any debris.

Debris is detrimental to the life of your roof, regardless of the season. Not only does debris clog up your gutter system, it can also encourage water intrusion and leaks. This can lead to expensive and timely repairs with a roofing contractor, and possibly ruin your home’s interior and possessions. Clearing debris from your roof will not only keep your roof in top condition for summer, but it will also keep your roof in better condition for the oncoming fall and winter seasons.

Replace any broken tiles or shingles.

Depending on the material your roof is made, check for missing, torn, or cracked shingles or tiles. Be sure to have professional roofing contractors repair or replace anything that is missing or damaged. Broken or missing tiles or shingles can increase your electric bill as well as cause your roof to be more susceptible to damage and water intrusion. As you are observing for broken or missing shingles, keep an eye out for any curling shingles as well. Curling shingles indicate a roofing problem, whether it be moisture, bad decking, or a potential improper installation. If you find any curling shingles, it is definitely a good idea to get a roofing contractor out to your location to check it out.

Make sure there is proper ventilation.

Ventilation is incredibly important during the summer due to the high accumulation of excess heat. Going up into your attic and checking that its properly ventilated fulfills two different purposes. First, excess heat that builds up in a poorly ventilated attic results in high energy costs. Higher energy costs results in higher utility bills, and no one wants that. Second, moisture produced within the home can move into the attic if ceiling vapor barriers are not properly utilized. If this moisture is not ventilated from the attic, it can condense and cause insulation and structural material to deteriorate. In addition, excess heat and moisture due to lack of ventilation can severely deplete the life and longevity of your roof by literally cooking your roof. Ensuring adequate attic ventilation maintains temperature and moisture control so that your attic maintains a temperature that will not damage your roof.

Make sure to take advantage of the good weather to complete any lingering roofing projects.

If your roof is not in the best condition or needs more repairs than just a couple of damaged shingles, now is the perfect time to get it done. Without the intrusion of rains and wind, you or hired roofing contractors can get those extensive repairs and replacements completed that have been put off. Roofs naturally expand and contract with fluctuating temperatures. This causes stress on your roof, and means that over the seasons, it is a guarantee that your roof will age and deteriorate. To make sure that any major repairs or replacements are installed properly to guidelines, employ professional roofing contractors to get the job done. LeakSeal roofing contractors in Vancouver, WA will be happy to inspect your roof and take care of any roofing repair or replacement job.