Roofs leaks, especially for industrial and commercial buildings can be hard to repair and/or recognize due to the various reasons that may have caused the damage. For instance, during seasons with heavy rain, some parts of the world experience storms and hurricanes that can damage the roof, leading to leaks. Since commercial roofing is very critical to any business premise and these leaks are commonly caused by external elements, there is need to understand how deal with them. Here are some great tips to help you understand what to do when your warehouse roof leaks.

1. Remove the water

The warehouse is used to store various goods and most of them are sitting on the floor. This means that they get wet easily if there is a leakage in the building. Getting rid of the water from the padding and other items in the room should be one of the first things to do when your roof leaks. In order to prevent mold from growing underneath, open the backing to the air and allow it to dry. Utilizing a large, powerful fan to help dry the padding will allow the air to reach all those areas where water seeped in. There are a lot of commercial roofing companies that can help you in taking care of such situations.

2. Thoroughly inspect the roof in detail

If you find yourself walking into a puddle of water and notice roof leaks in your warehouse, check your roof for stagnant water. This should include checking all the down pipes, rain gutters, valleys and others to make sure they’re free from dirty or any waste materials. Ensure the rain water flows freely through these gutters and pipes properly to avoid clogging and blockage. Roof leaks are caused by an array of issues that vary from clogged pipes to an open source allowing water in. It can be helpful to check your warehouse roof from an attic space to identify the specific entry point of the rain water from the roof.

3. Notify your insurance agent

If your warehouse has received a considerable amount of roof damage, it is imperative to let your insurance agent know about it. If your policy covers interior damage due to roof leaks and the cost of repairing your roof, inform your insurance agent immediately to be thoroughly compensated. Usually, they can inspect the damage for both the roof and interior part within hours of your call or notification and help you clean up and replace your damaged goods.

4. Hire a professional roofing contractor

Since a warehouse needs to be dry and cool to maintain functionality, it’s very important to call a reliable commercial roofing company or contractor to repair or replace your warehouse roof in the event that there is damage. Calling a professional roofer is also important since they ensure all problems are solved. When it comes to any roof damage, they know exactly what to do – to replace it, or to repair it.

5. Check the flashing and unseen damage

Not all warehouse roof leaks can be caused by downspouts or clogged gutters, some are as result of roofing material is damaged or worn. In some cases, the flashing around vents, roof projections, and chimneys is damaged and allows rain water into the building. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly inspect the flashing, especially where dormers, vents, chimneys and other attachments join the roof. If you find the flashing isn’t functioning properly, consider replacing it.

In some cases, warehouse roof leaks go unseen until later, especially when they get worse. So it’s very important to inspect your warehouse roof and the attic for such unseen damages. As an individual, inspecting a warehouse roof can be hard, though you can look for wet spots in the roof plants or panels before calling a commercial roofing contractor. You can also check to see if there is any discolored wood as well as cracked ceilings, peeling paint, bulges in ceilings or walls, and many more signs of a leaking roof.

Considering these tips to determine the severity of your roof leak and damage will help you decide on the next best step moving forward keeping cost and time in mind. Contact your local commercial roofing professional in Vancouver Wa for more information if you are experiencing a roof leak.