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Commercial Roofing

Leak Seal Roofing, Inc. is a Commercial Roofing Contractor based in Vancouver, WA and specializes in chopped Fiberglass & Emulsion.

A commercial roofing project in Portland OR


Leak Seal Roofing, Inc. is committed to maintaining all commercial roofs in the most efficient weather-tight condition, at the best value, with quality being our number one objective. With the growing cost of disposal and energy fees, material and labor, the LeakSeal System is an outstanding value for roofs not requiring complete removal. Our system also carries Leak Seal Roofing’s “Leak Free Guarantee” for periods rivaling other more expensive roofing methods.

Commercial Roofing Experts in Southwest Washington

If you’re ready to explore your roofing options or get a free estimate for your commercial property in Southwest Washington or the Portland Metro Area, contact Leak Seal Roofing today. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality services around, and we’re ready to show you just how easy a new, improved roof can be.

The LeakSeal System

Our solution is to maintain existing roofs utilizing Leak Seal Roofing’s fiberglass & emulsion system which has been developed for almost every commercial roofing situation from gravel to metal. We have worked very closely with the manufacturers in developing the LeakSeal System’s specifications. We have also developed a thorough training program for all of our glass & emulsion techs and sales team. Leak Seal Roofing employs the most qualified, knowledgeable people in this area of the roofing industry.

Our environmentally friendly and affordable roof system has been successfully applied to many large facilities up and down the west coast. One of the advantages of the fiberglass & emulsion system is its versatility. It can be applied to most roofing surfaces. It is a seamless waterproof membrane that is vapor permeable which allows any trapped moisture in the existing roof to escape without blistering. The system is light enough that the added weight is not appreciable, yet durable enough to stand up to any necessary foot traffic without the aid of walking decks. The LeakSeal System’s membrane is one of the strongest on the market yet stays pliable enough to handle building movement and thermal shock even after years of service. Also, this membrane only wears through oxidation and will achieve a Class “A” Fire Rating.

Leak Seal Roofing, Inc. does concede that not every roof can be salvaged by the use of our system and in some cases, we recommend tear-offs and the installation of other traditional roof systems. However, in our opinion, a significant number of commercial roofs are acceptable candidates for our system. It has been shown that with proper preparation and installation the LeakSeal System is a leading force in the roofing industry today.

Traditional Commercial Roofing Services

While Leak Seal Roofing is thrilled with the environmentally friendly, easy application and affordability of our LeakSeal System, we know that not all roofs are acceptable candidates. That’s why we offer more than our fiberglass and emulsion system. Leak Seal Roofing can complete the tear-off and reroof of your commercial building using a traditional roof system such as TPO, PVC, asphalt shingles, metal and more. We are your one-stop Pacific Northwest roofing experts. Whatever material you choose for the roof for your business, our experienced team will efficiently and professionally install it with the highest quality.

TPO Roofing Installation

Leak Seal Roofing can also install a TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) roof for your business or home. A TPO roofing system is a reflective, single-ply roofing membrane that is comprised of ethylene-propylene rubber and polypropylene that’s been polymerized together. TPO may be mechanically attached or fully adhered to the roof of your building and is exceptionally durable and flexible. If your building tends to swell or contract with the temperature, TPO is a great option. It’s also environmentally friendly and sustainable. TPO’s ingredients are non-toxic, and the system is fully recyclable. It’s easy to install and maintain making TPO a great roofing option for your commercial property.

Additional Commercial Roofing Services

Leak Seal Roofing, Inc will go above and beyond to give your business the roof that works best for your needs, whether that’s our fiberglass and emulsion roof system or a complete tear-off and reroof with a TPO or PVC roofing system. In addition to installation, we also offer additional roofing services including:

  • Repairs
  • Accessory Installs
  • Roof Maintenance Agreements (repairs, cleaning, leak control, etc.)

If you have questions about our roofing services, what your maintenance agreement might include or what roofing system is the best option for your business, don’t hesitate to call us.

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