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Commercial Roofing

Leak Seal Roofing, Inc. is a Commercial Roofing Contractor based in Vancouver, WA and specializes in chopped Fiberglass & Emulsion.

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Leak Seal Roofing, Inc. is committed to maintaining all roofs in the most efficient weather-tight condition, at minimum expense with quality being our number one objective. We found that most roofing contractor’s common solution to all roofing problems is the removal of the old roof and the installation of a new roof but with the growing expense of disposal fees and the new energy codes (coming soon to a county near you!) this has sent costs literally through the roof.

Our solution is to maintain existing roofs utilizing various specifications, which have been developed for every roofing situation from gravel to metal and everything in-between. We have worked very closely with the manufacturers in developing these specifications and in the development of new high performance spray equipment and bulk mixer tankers. We have also developed an intense training program for all of our applicators (spraymen) and sales force. In doing this, we now employ the most qualified, knowledgeable people in this field of the roofing industry.

Our system has been applied for various major companies up and down the west coast. One of the advantages of the Fiberglass & Emulsion System is its versatility. It can be applied to most any conceivable surface. It is a seamless, waterproof membrane within itself. This seamless membrane is vapor permeable and will allow any trapped moisture in the existing roof to escape without blistering. The system is light enough that the added weight is not appreciable, yet strong enough to stand up to any necessary foot traffic without the aid of walking decks. The Fiberglass & Emulsion membrane is one of the strongest on the market yet stays pliable enough to handle building movement and thermal shock even after years of service. This membrane only wears through oxidation and will also achieve a Class “A” Fire Rating.

Leak Seal Roofing, Inc. does not concede that every roof can be salvaged by the use of our system and in fact in many cases we recommend tear-offs and the installation of various other systems. We do express the opinion that a significant amount of roofs out there are acceptable candidates for our system. It has already been proven that with proper preparation and installation the Fiberglass & Emulsion System is a leading force in the roofing industry today.

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